Friday, 31 March 2017

Match 1 Blairgowrie v Edzell (HOME)

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I have now received the Edzell team from their convenor and have done the pairings as near to theirs as possible - see attached.
They have chosen to select their pairings in handicap order and is the custom for home matches I have had to do the same.Please arrive on time in the lounge no later than 11.45am to meet the Edzell team.
Michael Norval is Captain of the day and hopefully will lead us to victory.
Dress code is as usual for all Seniors matches - Jacket & Tie before and after match.
As all matches are on Lansdowne the seating arrangements are as follows - Matches 1 & 2 at Table 1, Matches 3 & 4 at Table 2, Matches 5 & 6 at Table 3 etc. etc.

Good luck and please no late accidents or call - offs !!!

Kind Regards