Friday, 6 October 2017

2017 Annual Dinner

Once more the Blairgowrie Golf Club 2017 Senior Section Dinner was a great event. Hosted and directed by our esteemed Convener Ian McPherson in his 10th year trying to herd cats (his words).  Ian outlined our successful golfing year, perhaps with some room for improvement. 

We were honoured by a very witty and entertaining speech by Sir William McPherson (Ian’s Clan Chief) followed by a splendid dinner.  Our guest speaker, David Rickman of the R&A, Executive Director for Rules & Equipment gave an excellent speech on what could have been a very dry subject.  He shared lots of humorous anecdotes and situations from his vast experience in this fantastic game which was very well received.  Steven Morgan our new Managing Secretary thanked David for coming all the way from St.Andrews to enlighten our Seniors, who are all experts on the rules of golf!

Jayne & Paul who provided the excellent dinner were presented with a bouquet of flowers being their last Senior’s event, as they are moving on to pastures anew.

As always,we were well looked after with refreshments by Angie and her ever-attentive team.  We were also well served by Jayne’s cheery and efficient young ladies.

David Patterson our treasurer deserves a medal for keeping us solvent, he does a huge amount of work in the background.  Much appreciated.

Finally an excellent evening enjoyed by all, and a special big thank you to Ian McPherson who has given so much of his time and dedication over the last 10 years in making the Senior’s Section such a success.