Friday, 20 March 2015

BGC Seniors v BGC Ladies on Tuesday April 14th

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Success for the Gentlemen, slight disappointment for the Ladies, but an excellent day had by all.

I hope you have all wintered well and are looking forward to another season with the Seniors.

You will need no reminding that  you have been selected for this  most important fixture against the ladies. However, if for whatever reason you cannot play, please get a replacement from the reserve list and let me know ASAP.

The format is slightly different from other Senior fixtures in that the cost is only £13 and includes a sandwich lunch and a one course meal after the match. So no free drink prior to the match.

Otherwise it is the same as all Seniors matches  - we meet at 11.45 - for refreshment, have lunch, play the match and have a meal afterwards.

Seating arrangements are also the same  - i.e. match 1 on Rosemount and match 1 on Lansdowne sit at table 1 , Matches 2 at table 2 etc etc.

I have attached the pairings and once I know the ladies team I will send it to you. 

Please also let me know if the handicaps shown on the list differs from the one you play off.

We are the holders of the Columbine Cup and hopefully it will still have our name on it after the  match !!

I  look forward to seeing you all on the 14th.



Monday, 2 March 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Season and a new Senior’s Blog.

 This year I will be assisting Ian McPherson who does a magnificent job organising and coordinating all our matches and events throughout the season.

With this new blog I wish to provide The Senior’s Section with relevant information covering: draws, results, events, successes etc. If any members wishes to share information then the blog is an excellent medium to keep in touch.

Of course, Ian will continue contacting the Senior members in his usual efficient manner by email.

Thursday 9th April we kick off our 2015 season against Edzell, at Home.
As usual, please assemble at the clubhouse at 11:45am.  John Hope is our Captain.

On Tuesday 14th April we have one of the most prestigious events of the year against Blairgowrie Ladies, at Home, playing for the much coveted “Columbine Cup”.  I’m pleased to say that we are the current holders of this hard won trophy. 
However, I have it on good authority that the ladies are putting together an even stronger team this year, many are currently in training in South Africa and USA.  So gentlemen, no complacency, get on the practice ground and sharpen up your skills, these gals mean business! 

Ian McPherson has very bravely taken on the role of Captain against the Ladies this year, so we are in good hands.

Graeme Hunter